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RADAR 2021 Firebolt Combos (Kids) - 46"

RADAR 2021 Firebolt Combos (Kids) - 46"

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The Firebolts are a scaled version of the X-Calibers, taking advantage of everything we expect from the skis designed for big kids behind the boat. A detachable stabilizer bar helps maintain proper ski spacing, improving balance and control while learning. Adjustable horseshoe bindings and a specially designed training rope with two handles complete the set.

  • Size: 46”
  • Color Me Marker Pack
  • Trainer Bar
  • Rope and Handle

2020 RADAR COMBO COLLECTION: Combo skiing is the cornerstone to a future of enjoyment behind the boat. Making it easy for someone to learn how to ski is the key to them having fun and wanting to come back for more. Our collection of combo skis ensures anyone wanting to strap on a pair of skis and learn how to rip has a blast from the first time they drop into the water.

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