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RADAR 2022 Pro Build Vapor Black Ski

RADAR 2022 Pro Build Vapor Black Ski

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Pro Build

Pro Build designates a PMI Core and Textreme Carbon infused with Innegra. PMI is the lightest and most responsive foam money can buy, allowing a skier to get more attainable angle out of the turn and have the ability to hold it through the wakes. Textreme lets the ski flex instantly and consistently, giving the skier more speed from a wider point. Overall, the ski will feel like it is carrying constant speed from the first cut to the last turn which results in the most effortless ride we’ve found to date.

Terrain // Course

Speed Range // 32MPH-36MPH / 52KPH-58KPH


  • PMI Core - Lightweight, high density, most response
  • Textreme Carbon - Lighter, stronger composites.
  • Innegra - Reducing chatter for a more stable ride.
  • Carbon Rods - Zonal flex for the optimum layup.
  • Bio Resin - Plant based and better.
  • Race Base - Earlier lines and easier turns.
  • Enduro Tip/Tail - Built for speed.
  • Radar Lab Made - Thanks Herb.
63.5" 38kg-54kg 336" 6.75"
65" 49kg-65kg 344" 6.75"
66" 56kg-81kg 355" 6.85"
67" 73kg-91kg 366" 6.96"
68" 82kg-100kg 377" 7.06"
69.5" 90kg+ 394" 7.21"
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