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Designer: Ronix


The next evolution in Wakesurf technology is here, forever changing the game is the Ronix Eight.3 Wake Surf Shaper, a surf wedge that directs water and easily gives you a perfect surf wake behind your boat, creating a wave that would rival the best breaks down at Bells beach. Designed with an easy to mount system, compatible with any boat hull from Waterski boats, through Crossover and any type of V-Drive. Now with the Surf Shaper getting into the surf game is only the one aftermarket accessory away from having the most well formed wake on the river


  •  Wakesurf Shaper
  • 1″ Shim
  • 2″ Shim (shims are used as packers for hulls that step inwards)
  • 4 x Strips of Industrial Strength Velcro -for Port and Starboard side
  • Instructional DVD