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RONIX 2021 Koal Powertail+

Designer: Ronix


Amplify Your Drive Down The Line

Rides high with infinite drive on the water and up the wake for an easier ability to air off the lip.
A wide stable platform for virtually any size boat wake; the Powertail shape combines the buoyancy of the Longboard, smooth radius turning ability of a classic surfer, and extended hangtime off the wake. The perfect option for riders looking for a stable surfer that has the speed needed for smaller boat wakes or just want to be deeper out in the pocket on larger waves.

  • Machined EVA Front Pad w/ Concave

  • Machined EVA Rear Pad w/ Extra Tall Tail Kick

  • Fin-S Tool-Less Design Featuring Spring Lock Technology

  • 1 Symmetric 3” Fin

  • 2 Symmetric 4” Fins

  • Liquid Lava High Temp Surf Resin
  • Core - Handmade by Robots

  • Compression Molded w/ Durable Surface Skin