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RONIX 2020 Crossover (Koal Technora)

Designer: Ronix


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Toes on the nose stability with the agility of your favorite short board. Capable of doing ultra-responsive cutbacks, yet with the profile that would make the great waterman Duke proud. Created for the rider that wants a freeride vibe that can still do new school maneuvers off the lip.

  • - Technora “ A mix of our classic Koal construction and Carbon Air Core 3
  • Standard Profile - Not too thick or too thin.
  • Blended Rail - Accelerated turns with a Sunday afternoon cruise design.
  • Floating Fins - Because accidents can happen
  • Fin-S 2.0 - The most simplistic tool-less fin out there
  • Wax Mat Direct “ The most direct connection with your board
  • Lava Resin - Built to withstand Mother Natures extreme heat
  • Performance - Advanced
  • 1 x symmetric 3 and 2 x asymmetric 3.5 fins

INTRO TO KOAL W/ TECHNORA: Each board is wrapped in a woven stringer laminate to create a more reactive overall surfboard than a traditional fiberglass construction. A blend between our classic Koal construction and our ultra-responsive Carbon Air Core 3.