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RONIX 2020 One Board (Fused Timebomb)

Designer: Ronix

$980.00 $1,399.00

The most advanced 3-Stage rocker wakeboard ever made “ just got some new additions. A new shape with added fuse stringers, channels, a redeveloped profile, and a faster more controlled bottom design, with the same proven iconic 3-stage lift off the wake. The Timebomb delivers the most solid, quick reacting, explosive snap off the wake, with added glide speed for reduced drag on the water.

  • Timebomb Fused Core Construction
  • I Beam Construction
  • Speedwalls
  • 3-Stage Rocker 
  • Tip/Tail Concave
  • 2 Recessed Fin Channels
  • 2 Guide Channels
  • 4 x Fiberglass 1.0 Ramp Fins & 4 x 0.8 Asym Fins
  • Danny Harf Pro Mode