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RONIX 2020 Skimmer (Air Core III)

Designer: Ronix

$1,259.00 $1,799.00

Perfect your ollie and session easier shove-its or 360s from this skate inspired deck. A traditional skim board shape that opens up a whole new spectrum of tricks. This lightweight thin profile has a sharp rail for more contact through the waterline, constructed in our most responsive construction.

  • Air Core 3 Core - Our most responsive construction
  • Skimmer Profile “ Designed for a solid connection with the water
  • Hard Rail - High speed carves for riders that like to jump on the gas pedal
  • Floating Fins - Because accidents can happen
  • Fin-S 2.0 - The most simplistic tool-less fin out there
  • Wax Mat Kush - A thin silicone mat, lined with soft kushy EVA
  • Lava Resin - Built to withstand Mother Natures extreme heat
  • Performance - Advanced
  • 1 x symmetric 2.5 and 1 x symmetric 1 fin

INTRO TO CARBON AIR CORE 3: The most responsive construction we have ever tested. A lightweight machined Italian imported foam for added feedback. Made out of a mold, and then wrapped in carbon for a torsionally stiff layup unlike any other