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Liquid Force

2022 Liquid Force Rhyme

2022 Liquid Force Rhyme

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A unique board for eclectic riding, the Liquid Force Rhyme Wakeboard is fast and loose, yet super consistent. Choppy waters are no match for this wooden-cored board that lands jumps with ease and loves a little bit of style. Pro rider Guenther Oka purpose built the Rhyme to effortlessly compliment the wake. A lower profile and extra core strength helps you boost off the steepest waves and keep up with the pros.

Aggressive 3-Stage Rocker – Flatter center curve for speed & rail control. Exaggerated exit angle through tip gives a bucking pop off the wake.

Linear Flexzone Tip Design – Liquid Rail strategically placed longitudinally in the tips to give the board an independent flex from center to rail. This makes it easier to initiate a turn and have a snappy response coming out of it, while the edge is able to grab and hold its track more.

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