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Cooper Jet Ski Anchor

Cooper Jet Ski Anchor

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A revolution for jetski owners who have tried various forms of anchors suited more to boats than PWCs, this patented nylon anchor is self-correcting, self-anchoring and most important of all, it’s hard wearing nylon fabrication allows it to be stored safety in the front storage bucket without excessive wrapping or protection required with other standard galvanised anchors.


* 1kg- Length: 40cm

* Specifically designed for JetSki use.

* Nylon composition for ease & safety of storage in the front bucket.

* Self anchoring – throw overboard and let it do it’s job!

The holding power of any anchor is directly related to how deeply it sets and holds the sea bed. Most anchors on the market today are restricted by design to ploughing along near the surface of the sea bed and rarely, if ever disappear completely below the sea bed. Cooper Anchors very simple design with its weighted tip and straight streamline shank are designed to completely disappear below the sea bed and stay there even through wind and tide changes. The small area between the shank and the tip, (see diagram below) allow Cooper Anchors to change direction with less effort, especially during anchor retrieval. As the boat is pulled forward, over and above the anchor, the anchor rotates with the vertical pull and is easily retrieved.

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