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Jet Tech

Jet Tech Insulated jet Ski Fish Bag

Jet Tech Insulated jet Ski Fish Bag

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Once you’ve reeled in your prized catch of the day, you’ve got to have somewhere to conveniently store them that also stays fresh for hours. Enter the awesome JET TECH Fish Bag. We came up with this jet ski fishing gem through own experience of not being able to find the right portable storage solution that did the job to our high standards. The JET TECH bag is designed to fit onto any make and model ski and easily stores all types of fish from 20-pound spotty mackerels to a feast of nice flatties. Watertight construction and extra thick insulation keep things fresh till you get home ready to fillet your fine jet ski catch.             


  • The universal fitting system suits all jet ski makes and models – no mods required.
  • Fully adjustable Velcro straps wrap the seat hooking securely to the opposite side.
  • Rounded bag edges, a flat profile and secure straps keep the bag flush against the ski freeing up footwell space for fishing and driving comfort.
  • Extra-thick bag insulation keeps the fish cold all day while not leaking any contents onto the ski.
  • The light grey bag colour also helps your catch stay cooler in direct sunlight.
  • Dimensions –Length 1.2m X Width 0.45
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