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Jet Tech Safe Guard 1.5kg Anchor Kit Offshore

Jet Tech Safe Guard 1.5kg Anchor Kit Offshore

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The JET TECH Safeguard "OFFSHORE" anchor has been specifically designed for safe and easy use for anchoring all jet skis. Based on Richard Danforth's original 1939 design, our all-purpose anchor was developed in Australian off-shore water conditions to offer supreme anchoring reliability in surf and fishing conditions. In true JET TECH innovation style, we hot dip our galvanised metal anchor in commercial-grade vinyl rubber to prevent chips and scratches to your jet ski, boat and boards. The water and abrasion proof chain sock also provides more protection covering the entire length of the proper marine chain which is required to provide the correct weight and approach angle for anchor setting. Hold fast after you’ve gone fast!           


  • 1.5kg galvanised steel anchor.
  • Protective thick rubber vinyl coat.
  • 20m double braided red anchor line 
  • 4m X 8mm chain with protective chain sock
  • Bright orange rope float.
  • Stainless steel snap hook.
  • Heavy duty storage bag with two drain holes.

The difference between the heavy duty and light duty kits, is the chain and line lengths, heavy duty is carrying twice as much chain and line, giving you more hold in deeper and rougher conditions. 

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