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Jet Tech

Jet Tech Seat Strap and Handle

Jet Tech Seat Strap and Handle

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Your jet ski is an expensive leisure investment so it’s best to do all you can to protect it. JET TECH seats straps have been designed to help secure your seat down in the worst-case ocean scenarios. This piece of technical kit is highly recommended if you’re going big in heavy water doing things like step offs, tow in surfing or wave jumping. The handle is another great safety feature to help climb back on the ski and hold on to when the action steps up a notch. We’ve also got bonnet straps to keep the front end intact available for an extra $40. The kit is a universal fit for all ski makes and models but may be require small adjustments for some – simply trimming off excess strap length.


The JET TECH Seat Strap Kit includes everything you need:

  • 2in wide webbing.
  • Front strap grab handle.
  • Heavy duty nylon buckles.
  • Front hatch bungee loops.
  • Stainless steel fittings.
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