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KGB 2022 Junior Boys L50S Vest (Cool Dude Red) - 4-6

KGB 2022 Junior Boys L50S Vest (Cool Dude Red) - 4-6

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This KGB favourite is the only kids vest that has a side adjustment panel so it will last for years as your child grows. Made of our eco-friendly aircore neoprene, this vest is lightweight and comfortable which is key when it comes to kids wearing life vests. Our bright sublimated graphics are always easy to see in the water and the built-in safety strap secures the vest on your child and prevents it from riding up while they are in the water or out behind the boat.


  • L50S Standards Approval
  • Eco-Friendly Aircore Neoprene
  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Bright Sublimated Graphics
  • Safety Strap On Smaller Sizes For Extra Safety
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