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Obrien 2021 Infuse Boots

Designer: Obrien


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Single panel upper for the softest most flexible fit ever. Therma-welded upper for minimal weight,maximum drainage and breathability. The Integrated TPU Ankle Strap pulls your foot into the “heel pocket”.

Ultralight Structure 2.0 Liner – New liner provides lighter weight, greater comfort and control.

LUX 2.5° Canted Chassis – Immediate heel/toe response, canted to ease stress on your legs.

Orthotic comfort and support, enhanced by our Power Arch which supports your arch on bigger landings. Sizes graded to fit your foot like a shoe.

Dual lace zones for pinpoint adjustment all over your foot. Traditional thick laces provide the most secure fit and durability. Your boots won’t loosen up while riding.

SIZES: 6-8 / 8-10 / 9-11 / 11-13