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RADAR Freeride/Kneeboard - 14" Diam. Grip Handle w/ 5-Sec. Mainline (Black)

RADAR Freeride/Kneeboard - 14" Diam. Grip Handle w/ 5-Sec. Mainline (Black)

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RADAR Freeride/Kneeboard Package: The Perfect Grip for Watersports Fun: Discover the thrill of watersports with the RADAR Freeride/Kneeboard Package. This package is designed to enhance your experience whether you're kneeboarding or enjoying freeride activities. With its grippy and plush design, it's the ultimate accessory for fun behind the boat.

14" Diamond Grip Handle: Take control with the 14" Diamond Grip Handle. This handle ensures a secure grip, whether you're wearing gloves or not. Experience precision and control as you navigate the water.

Enhanced Safety with Finger Protectors and Foam Floats: Safety is paramount in any watersport. The package includes 6" finger protectors and foam floats to keep your hands protected and buoyant, ensuring a worry-free and enjoyable ride.

Vinyl Sleeves for Ultimate Comfort: Enjoy comfortable grip with the vinyl sleeves that add an extra layer of cushioning. These sleeves not only enhance your grip but also ensure a plush experience throughout your ride.

5-Section Mainline for Versatility: The 5-section mainline adds versatility to your watersport experience. Adjust your setup according to your preferences and enjoy dynamic rides on the water.

Experience the ultimate in watersports excitement with the RADAR Freeride/Kneeboard Package. Whether you're kneeboarding or freeriding, this package provides you with everything you need for an exhilarating adventure on the water.


  • 14" Diamond Grip Handle for precision control
  • 6" Finger Protectors for enhanced safety
  • Foam Floats for buoyancy and protection
  • Vinyl Sleeves for added comfort
  • 5-Section Mainline for versatile setups

Elevate your watersports game with the RADAR Freeride/Kneeboard Package. It's time to hit the water and make unforgettable memories with the ultimate grip and comfort.

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