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RONIX 2020 Koal Powertail+

Designer: Ronix


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The Powertail combines the stability of a longboard with the bottom turn drive of the Conductor, and almost rivals the Bat Tail Thrusters ability for hangtime off the wake. The perfect option for riders looking for a stable shape with the speed needed for smaller boat wakes, and a new school shape for those high-end riders looking for added drive.

  • Koal Surface - The lightweight feel of your high-end surfer, the durability of your wakeboard.
  • Drive Profile - Added buoyancy for a classic surf feel and added speed.
  • Full Rail - Smooth, predictable arced turns.
  • Fin-S 2.0 - The most simplistic tool-less fin out there
  • Lava Resin - Built to withstand Mother Natures extreme heat
  • Performance - Intermediate/Advanced
  • 1 x symmetric 3.5 and 2 x asymmetric 4.5 fins

INTRO TO KOAL SURFACE: A bulletproof construction incorporating the core found in our high-end Koal Technora, but pressed out of a mold wrapped in our Surface Skin. The lightweight feel of your favorite high-end surfer, the durability of your wakeboard, and a skin that doesnt require the fragile sticker.