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RONIX 2022 ONE Board Black Out Technology

RONIX 2022 ONE Board Black Out Technology

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The LATEST generation 3-Stage Rocker Icon.

Much like its continuous rocker counterpart- the RXT - the One series works well for intermediate level riders all the way up to one of the Ronix owners, Danny Harf, who can land a 1260. New for this year we widened the board creating a bigger sweet spot for added stability, that also can be ridden at slower speeds. A shape that is known for making every wake jump feel like a double up now has even more kick to it. Our most popular high-end series 16 years running is the perfect blend of added vertical explosion leaving the water and a smooth ride on it. A refined freeride feel continues in our lightweight, advanced Blackout Construction.


  • Construction: Blackout Technology
  • Terrain: Boat
  • Riding Style: Advanced
  • Energy: Instant
  • Rocker: 3 Stage
134cm 2.2" 21.5"-25.5" Up To 165lbs 779" 16.6"
138cm 2.3" 22.5"-2 6.5" 145lbs-185lbs 808" 16.8"
142cm 2.4" 23.5"-27.5" 160lbs-200lbs 846" 17"
146cm 2.5" 24"-28" 175lbs+ 870" 17"
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