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RONIX 2022 Parks Board Modello

RONIX 2022 Parks Board Modello

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Speed and stability meet increased freedom endorsed by Parks Bonifay WHO HAS CONTINUALLY refined wakeboards for over a quarter century.

The oversize sweet spot of wakeboards. Parks has been wakeboarding for decades and through that time words like aggressive, reactive, and explosive have been replaced with smoother, faster, and predictable. That started with the rockerline – we created an arc that allows any rider to go into the wake blindfolded and they will know exactly how the board will lift off the water every time. This smooth take off also has more glide speed putting less strain on your body. Then we created a sidecut that allowed for more effective edge (grip) in the water when on rail – but when riding flat has you feeling more stable from the added surface area. Typically boards either have more sidecut or more surface area but rarely both. To give the rider fast, free cutbacks, we “borrowed” technology from the golf industry and ran dimples through the entire bottom of the board to reduce friction from the water and create a board that will break free unlike any shape out there.


  • Construction: Tee Box Technology
  • Terrain: Boat
  • Riding Style: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Energy: Instant || 6
  • Rocker: Continuous
139cm 2.5" 21.5"-25.5" 150lbs-190lbs 823" 17.3"
144cm 2.6" 23"-27" 170lbs-210lbs 846" 17.3"
149cm 2.7" 24"-28" 185lbs+ 868" 17.3"
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