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RONIX 2022 Rise Air Core III 'SF' Board- 132

Designer: Ronix


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Big jumps AND wide open cuts from our new performance driven Women’s series.

New shape, new construction, new approach and new rider. One of Ronix’s up and coming athletes, Mary Morgan, got the phone call that she could be a part of the development of a new high-end board. First thing she did was start surveying on social media. What boat speed do you ride at, what rope length, what rockerline do you prefer, and what aspects are missing in a women’s board? The results were unreal - develop the lightest board possible, create a fast board that is responsive but won’t ever create a steep edge hold, and make sure the design prevents the rider from generating too much load line. We married two of our most successful rockerlines combing the speed of the RXT and the kick of the One and added a construction living up to the name Air Core with the least amount of swing weight, and more holeshot response out of a turn. Then we developed a shape with bottom channels that worked for riders new to the sport - but allowed Mary to land 720’s on a regular basis and win the coveted Masters Tournament. Rise to a new level in women’s wakeboarding.


  • Construction: Air Core 3
  • Terrain: Boat
  • Riding Style: Advanced
  • Energy: Instant || 8
  • Rocker: Hybrid Continuous/3 Stage
132cm 2.5" 21"-25" 105lbs-145lbs 742" 16.6"
136cm 2.6" 21"-25" 125lbs-165lbs 771" 16.8"
140cm 2.7" 22"-26" 135lbs-175lbs 802" 16.8"