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RONIX Alloy - Fluid Shift 3 in 1 Mast - 14-20in. / 35 - 51cm (Black / White)

RONIX Alloy - Fluid Shift 3 in 1 Mast - 14-20in. / 35 - 51cm (Black / White)

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Raise your hand if you thought getting up on a wakesurfer was a piece of cake and the same experience on a wakefoil had a different outcome. It’s been interesting to find out that to a certain degree the better you are at surfing can often penalize you in foiling. So, how could we make foiling easier with our products? With the first ever adaptable mast. We have a patent pending on an adjustable mast that allows the product to evolve with the rider’s ability. Just starting out – shift the mast as far back to the tail as you can and shorten the height of the mast to its lowest 14” height setting. This will minimize the flight ability and maximize your chances of getting up and cruising around. As you build confidence you can then position the mast slightly further forward on the tracks (closer to the tip) and gradually raise the height to the next 3” height increment – 17”. Over the years we have had countless people with no watersports background that have had a fun and successful flight on the 14” mast height and then have quickly graduated to the 17” height position. More advanced riders can session a wave without the handle at the 20” height position while moving the mast further forward (closer to the tip) on the tracks. All while riding the same set up.  The result is the easiest and most adaptable wakefoil on the market in varying heights of 14” / 17” and 20”.  Truly is 3 in 1. 


Hollow MFG. Alloy

A high-grade corrosion resistant alloy is pushed through a die to the desired cross section. This workhorse heat treated 6061 aluminum has a higher strength than other metals for increased wear and tear and a more solid connection between the different parts. 


Benefits of extrusion process….

Lightweight – We hollow out the inside making it less than half the weight of a solid piece

Sequence – Creates the correct ratio of dampening to response – this construction is not too slow or too fast – giving you the proper rhythm in your foiling


Alloy Mast Top Plate

This is the solid connection between the top of the Alloy Fluid Mast and the foil board.  A perfectly machined complex construction with the most simplistic easy to use design.

- Open Hole slots – Once all 4 of the track hardware screws are inserted into the tracks it is easy to slide them inside of the desired location of the mast plate with the open hole design

- Universal fit – this mast plate is easy to mount on our masts and will work on every Ronix design

- This product is not needed on Velo masts as the mast plate is built into the mast itself


3D Robotics

A high-grade corrosion resistant alloy is placed on a 3 axis CNC machine and milled for up to 2 hours for the perfect dimension. This workhorse 6061 heat treated aluminum has a higher strength than other metals for increased wear and tear and a more solid connections between the different parts. 


Benefits are….

- Fit – When anything short of the exact tolerance of the most finite dimension is unacceptable – creating the perfect fit between pieces 

- Stronger – A billet aluminum is considered the strongest process to form a part

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