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RONIX Flyweight Pro - MOD 84 (White / Black / Gold)

RONIX Flyweight Pro - MOD 84 (White / Black / Gold)

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Pendulum – Suspended from a fixed point so that it can swing freely backward and forward.   The Flyweight Pro is based on a new style of board designs where the rider shifts their weight further forward and the profile of the board allows the rider to pump with more forward momentum. Created with a thicker profile with a deep V running through the middle, and an exaggerated bevel on the outside pushing the water away as soon as the board touches down. The result is a board that will still allow you to rise and begin your forward momentum even after catching the surface of the water. A faster, lighter board that will turn with more attack angle.



+ Available in 3’9, or 4’2 Length

- 11” track length with industry standard 3.5” width between tracks

- Thick profile, deep v / channels bottom, exaggerated bevel for improved water deflection

- Flyweight Pro Construction – A lightweight feel mixed with extra reaction combining elements of 2 of our best-selling high-end surfer constructions

- Blended EVA Traction Pad – A compound made from both foam and rubber with machined grooves for a softer feel and the best grip in foiling

- Handmade by Robots – Every 727 Foilboard is made from a machined core to the exact tolerance we spec’d out

- Lava Resin – Made from a high temp resin to withstand extreme heat



A lighter is better mindset mixed with carbon stringers for added snap.  Our lightest core makes swing weight a thing of the past, with carbon through the tail for added durability and added power in every pump.


Benefits are..

Improved pumping
Improved deflection off the water

Less swing weight – improved turns


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