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RONIX 2024 Krush

RONIX 2024 Krush

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WOMEN’S BOAT BOARDS KRUSH The women’s foundation to wakeboarding will have you riding centered over the board, with more control and feel on the water.

There are two ways to ride a wakeboard -1 Edging and driving through the wake where your speed from attack angle and pop will determine your lift. This requires a higher skill level because you’re dealing with different forces from the pull of the line and the timing of your jump. 2 - Riding a thinner profiled board with more top water speed and less line load. This style creates a pendulum using more of a natural centripetal approach with less effort both on and leaving the water. Recently we put the Krush on a diet and took almost 20% of the weight out. Now a rider has more feedback with the water, less swing weight in the air, and easier transitioned turns. For over 20 years we have been designing boards recognizing that your shoulders and hips are not always parallel in wakeboarding. Your body is crossed up riding toe-side, and more inline riding heel-side, and every aspect of the Krush takes this into consideration for the proper foundation to your riding.

  • Construction – Secret Flex Modello Riding Style 
  • Boat Entry Level / Intermediate Energy 
  • Neutral 4 Rocker – 3-Stage Fins -2 - 1.75” Hook Wake Fins Features 
  • TPU Graphic Top Sheet 
  • Women’s Designed Top Glass 
  • Krypto Cable 
  • Monocoque 
  • Mod Pour Foam 
  • M6 Inserts +Magic Carpet Base Glass 
  • Standard Base Sheet



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