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Soulcraft Voodoo

Soulcraft Voodoo

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The Voodoo will cast spells on the new Soulcraft rider! It’s known to be super fast with tons of stability and pop off the wake for riders that like to mash the gas or that are looking to upgrade to a faster board with lots of recovery abilities. The sharp rail generates speed in the wave by just leaning on the gas or can be pump driven. Combine our speed rail with the higher volume design and you’ll be on your way to getting airs and developing your rotational tricks. Recovery from way back in the wave provides the confidence to work on unlocking the magic many riders have come to love from the Voodoo.  The Voodoo and Honu have wider tails with higher volumes making them great for larger riders or riders that was extra boost in the tail for airs.  The Honu is super playful while the Voodoo is our most stable and confidence building model in the line up.  Great option for a surfer coming out of their first surf board and wanting to get into hand built lightweight performance boards.  Think of the Voodoo as a RedBull, the Honu as a RedBull with a shot of Vodka.

  • Performance Focus: Novice - Intermediate
  • Nose: Blunt
  • Tail: Wide Squash
  • Rail: Hard Sharp for Speed
  • Rocker: Moderate
  • Fin Setup: Twin / Podium Fiberglass Honeycomb
  • Deck Profile: Convex

  • Construction: Epoxy / EPS / PVC
  • Available Lengths: 4’4”-4’10”
  • Includes: Board / Traction / Fins

Soulcraft EM







5’4” - 5’8”

5’8” - 6’0”

5’10” - 6’2”

6’0” - 6’6”


140 - 175 LBS.

165 - 200 LBS.

200 - 235 LBS.

235 - 255 LBS.

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