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Superior Jetties

Superior Jetties Jet Ski Docks, 3 Seater Kit

Superior Jetties Jet Ski Docks, 3 Seater Kit

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The Superior JSD is manufactured in Australia by the rotational moulding of polyethylene with a specially profiled surface to ensure slip resistance.  The polymer is compounded with various ingredients to achieve a UV20 rating and ensure long life in the harsh marine environment.  

The standalone dock with no moving parts is widely used for domestic and commercial applications and can be linked together to form a continuous dock.  The JSD can be equipped with a stainless steel winch post and locking bar at the front and features a replaceable wear part at the impact point in the entry section.

Comes with 'The Jetski Dock Connector'; Jet Ski Connector arms are used to secure the dock to the floating pontoon. The connnector arms are 900mm overall in length and come in a pair , one of which has a step. Stainless steel cable kit also included. 

Size: 4.5m X 1.5m

Max Capacity: 450kg

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